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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life: Seeking the Son This Christmas is a devotional designed to help the whole family draw close to Christ this Christmas. This Jesse Tree style book traces the roots of Christ through the history of the Bible and explains how we are each supposed to live as branches of the Vine, intimately attached to the Tree of Life, our life source.

This book is divided into thirty-one sections each with a scripture reading, thoughts on how the reading relates to Christ, discussion questions, and suggested hymns and activities. This book is designed to be able to be used by the whole family and includes a variety of levels for the questions and activities.

Printable resources are included at the end of this book. Full color ornaments accompany each day's reading as well as coloring page ornaments so your child(ren) can create their own keepsake set of Jesse Tree ornaments. Decorative printables and printable cards are also included.


Sample Chapters: PDF Download
Sample Printables:


  • Day 1: Tree of Jesse
  • Day 2: The Word
  • Day 3: The Seed
  • Day 4: The Ark
  • Day 5: Abram: Walking by Faith
  • Day 6: Children of Abraham
  • Day 7: Jacob’s Ladder
  • Day 8: Joseph’s Coat
  • Day 9: Passover
  • Day 10: Law
  • Day 11: Rahab’s Scarlet Cord
  • Day 12: Joshua
  • Day 13: Kinsman Redeemer
  • Day 14: Gideon
  • Day 15: David
  • Day 16: The Names of Jesus
  • Day 17: Elijah
  • Day 18: Jonah
  • Day 19: Bethlehem
  • Day 20: His Name is John
  • Day 21: Heart of Mary
  • Day 22: Joseph’s Tools
  • Day 23: The Road to Bethlehem
  • Day 24: Born in a Manger
  • Day 25: The Angel’s Announcement
  • Day 26: Wise Men Follow the Star
  • Day 27: John the Baptist in the Wilderness
  • Day 28: Jesus’ Ministry: Loaves and Fish
  • Day 29: The Cross
  • Day 30: Empty Grave Because He Is Risen
  • Day 31: Returning in the Clouds


Published: 2014
Print ISBN: 978-1-5031-6255-6
Print Pages: 140
PDF Pages: 180


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