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Guidebook to Early Reading

Our first baby started reading by nine months. By age four, he was reading college level material. This book explains how we taught our babies to read. (Free sample chapters below.)

Guidebook to Early Reading: How We Taught Our Babies to Read explains the most common early reading theories, shares practical ways to start your child on the road to literary fluency, and tells our own early reading story. The first section of the book examines common questions about early reading, the second looks at early reading theory, and the last section looks at practical ways to integrate early reading into everyday life.


“Could our baby really be reading before his first birthday?”

“Today, our oldest son can read college level literature…before his fifth birthday.”

“While the brain is beginning to assimilate spoken language, it is also able to take in written language.”

“This concept alone could revolutionize education.”



Published: 2014
Print ISBN: 978-1-4953-9943-5
Print Pages: 72


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