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Family Devotionals

Rising of the Son (Easter devotional)

Rising of the Son: A Family Devotional Celebrating the Coming of Easter is designed to help the whole family celebrate the life and Resurrection of Christ. This family devotional walks through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and looks at how we should then walk through our lives.

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A Glimpse of the Son (Easter devotional)

A Glimpse of the Son: A Holy Week and Easter Family Devotional is designed to help you and your family share the joy and excitement of Easter. This short ebook shares a glimpse of the final days of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection in a way that attempts to involve everyone in the family.

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Growing in Love (Valentine’s Day devotional)

Study the meaning of true love with this devotional designed for the whole family. Growing in Love: Garden of Charity Family Devotional builds excitement about Valentine’s Day and teaches what real love looks like at the same time.

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The Tree of Life (Christmas devotional)

The Tree of Life: Seeking the Son This Christmas is a devotional designed to help the whole family draw close to Christ this Christmas. This Jesse Tree style book traces the roots of Christ through the history of the Bible and explains how we are each supposed to live as branches of the Vine, intimately attached to the Tree of Life, our life source.

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The Thanks Giving Tree (Thanksgiving devotional)

The Thanks Giving Tree: Seeing Blessings Everywhere is a short devotional book to help entire family focus on reasons to be thankful during the Thanksgiving season.

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