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Rising of the Son

Rising of the Son: A Family Devotional Celebrating the Coming of Easter is designed to help the whole family celebrate the life and Resurrection of Christ. This family devotional walks through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and looks at how we should then walk through our lives.

This book is divided into 50 sections each with a scripture reading, thoughts on the passage, discussion questions, and suggested hymns and activities. It can be used for all the traditional days of the Lent season and beyond or easily shortened for those wishing to create a shorter countdown to Easter.

This book is designed to be able to be used by the whole family and includes a variety of levels for the questions and activities.

The PDF version includes more than 30 pages of free printable resources we have created to go along with this book. Full color ornaments accompany each day’s reading as well as coloring page ornaments so your child(ren) can create their own keepsake set of Resurrection Tree ornaments. Decorative printables are also included.


Sample Chapters: PDF Download
Sample Printables:


  • Day 1: Light Dawns
  • Day 2: The Birth of Christ
  • Day 3: Star Over Bethlehem
  • Day 4: A Light to Lighten the Gentiles
  • Day 5: The Waiting, Servant Prophetess
  • Day 6: At the Temple
  • Day 7: The Baptism of Jesus
  • Day 8: Temptation
  • Day 9: The Dawn of Christ’s Ministry
  • Day 10: Calling and Sending of the Disciples
  • Day 11: The Beatitudes
  • Day 12: Salt and Light
  • Day 13: The Lord’s Prayer
  • Day 14: Do Not Worry
  • Day 15: A Glimpse of Miraculous Power
  • Day 16: Healing on the Sabbath
  • Day 17: A Kingdom Divided
  • Day 18: Good Ground
  • Day 19: Freed from Bondage
  • Day 20: A Desperate Father
  • Day 21: Made Whole
  • Day 22: The Blind Can See
  • Day 23: The Harvest is Plenteous; Laborers are Few
  • Day 24: Light Burden
  • Day 25: Lord of the Sabbath
  • Day 26: Not Honored in His Own House
  • Day 27: Five Loaves and Two Fish
  • Day 28: Caring for the Least
  • Day 29: Looking for a Sign
  • Day 30: Take Up Thy Cross
  • Day 31: The Least are the Greatest
  • Day 32: The Good Shepherd
  • Day 33: Forgiven Therefore Forgive
  • Day 34: In My Father’s House
  • Day 35: Like a Child
  • Day 36: If You Love Me
  • Day 37: God of the Impossible
  • Day 38: Render Unto the Rightful Owner
  • Day 39: Parable of the Talents
  • Day 40: Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry
  • Day 41: Holy Week Monday: The Wedding Feast
  • Day 42: Holy Week Tuesday: The First and Greatest Commandment
  • Day 43: Holy Week Wednesday: A Precious Gift
  • Day 44: Holy Week Thursday: The Last Supper
  • Day 45: Holy Week Friday: The Crucifixion
  • Day 46: Holy Week Saturday: Waiting Outside the Silent Tomb
  • Day 47: Easter Sunday: Resurrection!
  • Day 48: Stranger on the Road
  • Day 49: Doubt
  • Day 50: Ascension


Published: 2015
PDF Pages: 200


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