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Dinosaur Reading Cards

Posted by Anna Rugg

A brand new stack of Reading Cards is here!

Now you and your children can explore the exciting subject of dinosaurs as you teach them to read. For a limited time, the Dinosaur Reading Cards will be available to be viewed by all, and then it will be able to be viewed by paid subscribers only.

If your children love dinosaurs as much as ours do, this new card stack is sure to add some excitement to their learning time. Hearing our two-year-old say “Diplodocus” over and over again was totally worth making the stack just for that.

We hope your children enjoy the new reading cards as much as ours do!

View the Dinosaur Reading Cards now. Roar!

Greenfield Education YouTube Channel

Posted by Anna Rugg

Greenfield Education is now on YouTube! Visit the Greenfield Education Channel to watch our Imagine If Video.

We look forward to sharing more videos with you on our channel soon.

If you’d like to help Greenfield Education get the word out about our vision and products, we’d love it if you share our videos with others.

The Resurrection Story

Posted by Nathan Rugg

In celebration Easter (or Resurrection Sunday) we are giving away our first set of Greenfield Readers.

Greenfield Readers are leveled so the very earliest readers can read through a picture book story with only one word or short phrase per page, but even the hardest, full text version has illustrations.

Level 1: One word or phrase per page distilling the essence of the story.
(The Resurrection Story Level 1 also available online as a part of Greenfield Reading Cards.)

Level 2: Simple sentences present the basic story in an easy to understand and easy to speak manner.

Level 3: Complex sentence structure and increasing vocabulary challenging the emerging reader.

Level 4: The full, original text still coupled with engaging illustrations.

Walk through The Resurrection Story Level 1, learning words like donkey, hosanna, died, risen, and more. Read the Resurrection Story Level 4, full text of selected verses from Mark, still paired with beautiful pictures.

The Resurrection Story Levels 1–4 are currently online for free in PDF format.

Also, take ⅓ off Greenfield Reading Cards until April 26th with the coupon code: THIRDDAY

Give the Gift of Greenfield Reading Cards

Posted by Nathan Rugg

We are pleased to announce that you can now give Greenfield Reading Cards as a gift.

If you would like to give someone (or their new baby) our digital flashcard web app, just follow these easy steps.

First go to the sign up page.

Click the “This is a gift” check box just below the shopping cart items.

You will have the option to enter your name, a recipient’s name, and a message if you wish. You can even preview the gift certificate online to make sure it is correct.

After you have entered your payment information, you will receive a PDF copy of your gift certificate with the activated unique gift code.

Now it is up to you to decide how to present the gift. Email it. Print it out. Stick it in a card. Wrap it up, However, you give the gift of early reading it can help the next generation reach their extraordinary potential.


Posted by Nathan Rugg

Today, we are pleased to announce the public launch of Greenfield Reading Cards and our Guidebook to Early Reading.

These projects actually began six years ago, before the birth of our first son when we were first introduced to the concept of teaching babies to read.

We weren’t completely sure that this approach would work, but we decided to give it a try because we could only see potential benefits and no downside. We figured the worst that could happen was that he wouldn’t learn to read any earlier and that we would just be spending intentional time together with our son.

Throughout that pregnancy, we began to research and prepare computer-based flashcards. When Aaron was two and a half weeks old, we began to show him reading cards, just a few minutes each day (when we had the time). To our surprise, he started reading at nine months.

Today, five years later, he can read college level material. We have had two boys since then, both of whom have learned to read extremely early as well. You can read more about our journey to early literary fluency with our sons in our Guidebook to Early Reading, and you can read about our heart behind early reading on our other blog.

Now, we are ready to start helping others on their early reading journey. Today, our technological and paper “baby twins” are born and ready to be announced to the world. In our Guidebook to Early Reading, we share why you should consider teaching reading early, the most common early reading theories, and how to practically incorporate early reading into your everyday life. Greenfield Reading Cards is a powerful tool to help you teach your children to read. By using pre-made flashcards, you can start right away. We’ve done the research and the prep work for you.

Are you ready to unlock your child’s potential?

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions.